Wishbone Nameplate

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The perfect DIY gift for kids and adults.

Wishbone Nameplate is a Do-It-Yourself personalisable plate. Comes with alphabet stickers to write your own name or message, multi-lingual accent marks and fun character stickers too. Fits Wishbone Bike, Flip and Mini-Flip.

Whatever you want to say, say it with Wishbone Nameplate.

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Wishbone Nameplate with alphabet stickers is a personalised plate craft project. Write your own name or message or match your personalised car rego! Plate made from post-consumer recycled bottles, UV and weather resistant stickers. Fun gift idea for birthdays, weddings, stocking stuffers. For your bike, wagon, home or office. .


Remember browsing the personalised mugs or pens and finding every name available except your own? Wishbone Nameplate is a great example how to reduce waste through good design. This product is made from recycled bottles and comes with alphabet stickers so every name is always in stock.