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Wishbone Mini-Flip Walker is packaged in 3 boxes. Box 1 Top, Box 2 Base, Box 3 Wheels

Your Box 3 Wheels should be neatly packed inside Box 1. You can see this here

Wishbone Mini-Flip Racer is packaged in 2 boxes. Box 1 Top, Box 4 Race Base

Wishbone Mini-Flip Deluxe is packaged in 4 boxes. Box 1 Top, Box 2 Base, Box 3 Wheels, Box 4 Race Base

Here are our ship fees*:

New Zealand, USA (excluding AK and offshore) and Central Europe (excluding CH, NO) - FREE SHIPPING or for orders under $99: NZ $8-15, USA $10-19, Central Europe 9-12€

Australia - FREE SHIPPING or $12-19 for orders under $199

Canada - $35 (or $25 for orders under $99 except $70 for all orders to NT, NU, YT). Additional charges may apply eg to postcodes with 0 after the first letter.

Alaska - $99 (or $19-49 for orders under $99)

Offshore USA - $150 (or $70 for orders under $99)

Other parts of Europe, CH, NO, Morocco - 85€ (or 45€ for orders under 99€) + duties/taxes calculated at checkout

United Kingdom - 50€ (or 20€ for orders under 99€) + duties/taxes calculated at checkout

Hong Kong - $35

Everywhere else 70-350 depending on your order size

*Note: Our shipping services and rates are subject to change at any time without notice. In addition, our webstore may underquote shipping to some remote locations, we will notify you before dispatch if an extra charge applies to your order.

Any duties or taxes are included in your order total at checkout, now that's good news!

Need express freight? Email us to check for availability and a custom quote Write URGENT in your subject line. We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order at any time at our discretion.

Here's a list of our courier partners to help you check transit times for standard/ground service.

Europe: DPD (except really small parts which ship PostNL untracked)

Australia: Startrack

New Zealand: NZ Post

Canada: UPS Standard ex USA, or USPS for small packages


Everywhere else: SF Express, NZ Post, Post NL or ZH Express.

Yes, any duties or taxes are included in your order total at checkout, now that's good news!

Usually, your order will dispatch within 48 hours via standard service out of our closest warehouse (Wellington, Melbourne, Pennsylvania, Netherlands) and arrive within the following days after the date of dispatch:

Netherlands/New Zealand: 1-3 business days

Australia: 2-10 business days

Belgium/Germany: 1-4 business days

Rest of Europe/United States/Canada: 1-7 business days

Rest of World (ships from New Zealand via FedEx): 1-7 business days

If you change your mind before you receive your order, email us at If we have not yet shipped your order we will cancel it and be happy to refund in full.
If we have shipped your order, you can return unused items to us within 90 days of purchase.
Your Wishbone product must show no signs of use and have all original inner and outer packaging and instructions manual present.
After inspecting and approving your return, we’ll issue a full refund minus $40 shipping & restocking fee, to the method of payment you originally paid with.
Same applies if delivery is refused for any reason.
Before return shipping, contact us at to request a RRN (returns registration number) and our returns delivery address.

Europe: DPD (except small items which ship PostNL untracked)

Australia: Auspost (except Wishbone Wagon goes with Startrack)

New Zealand: NZ Post

Canada: USPS

USA: UPS (except small items which ship USPS)

Everywhere else: SF Express, NZ Post, Post NL or ZH Express

The earlier you order, the better. 

As a rule of thumb, ordering by 9am local time on December 14 will give you the best chance of delivery by Friday, 23 December. After that, the closer your address to our warehouse the better, and the further away you are, the riskier it is, so order earlier in those locations.

NOTE: For WA deliveries, Australia Post/StarTrack has declared an emergency 'force majeure' event due to disruption to key road and rail transport arrangements caused by recent extreme weather and flooding in WA. As a result, the Christmas cut-off for WA orders is midday on Thursday, 8 December.

Our regional warehouses are in Pennsylvania, Melbourne, New Zealand and the Netherlands. If you live in one of those places, ordering by 9am local time December 16 should be OK. These are our suggested indications for ordering this December, but we can't guarantee delivery timeframes once an order is with the carrier.

Here's a list of our courier partners to help you check their current delivery times for standard services at the time you order.

New Zealand - NZ Post

Melbourne Metro - Mainfreight

Rest of Australia - Startrack

Canada - USPS

USA -  UPS Ground

GroundEurope and Middle East - DPD ex Netherlands

Rest of World - NZ Post ex New Zealand or SF Express Courier ex China (allow extra time for international deliveries)


Of course! We've made videos showing how to assemble each Wishbone product. Watch them here

Wishbone Bike Original:
Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition:
Wishbone Flip & Mini-Flip:
Wishbone Wagon:
Wishbone Bike Cruise:
Wishbone Cargo Bin:
Wishbone Bike Bag:
Wishbone Bell:

Wishbone products usually arrive part-assembled and tools are provided to complete assembly.  Watch assembly videos on our Youtube channel, it's easy!

Wishbone Flip arrives fully assembled except the handlebar.

Wishbone Mini-Flip arrives part-assembled. You attach the handlebar, wheels and slide knob.

Wishbone Bike in wood arrives with the frame pre-assembled.  You attach the handlebar & wheels. You'll need a Phillips screwdriver.

Wishbone Bike RE2 arrives flat-packed and requires full assembly.  

Wishbone Wagon arrives part-assembled. You attach the axles, wheels, brake and steering wheel. 

Yes, you can download assembly instructions for each Wishbone product in multiple languages here.

product info & care

Inspect your bike or flip frequently to be sure its in good repair and all fastenings are tight. Normal wear and tear may make them loosen.

Always store your Wishbone indoors overnight where it is warm and dry.

Maintain your wooden toy’s appearance by cleaning with a damp cloth and using a wood wax or polish to maintain the wood finish.

If your Wishbone Bike wheels are not moving smoothly, lubricate them lightly with a standard bicycle oil.

We recommend you keep all tyres inflated to 20 psi, not more. Tube valves are car size – pump them up when you visit the gas station.

We don't have a parent handle because Wishbone Bike is consciously designed to promote independence in your child. However some families have used a retractable dog leash attached to the rear trike axle via a zip tie, to keep their little one within reach at all times.

Wishbone Bike Original 3in1 is for 1 to 5 years. It weighs approx 5.4kg and measures 102 x 50 x 49cm. Seat height adjusts from 28 to 46cm. In the box, it weighs approx 6.8kg and measures 74 x 39 x 15cm.

Wishbone Bike Original 2in1 is for 18 mths to 5 years. It weighs approx 3.6kg and measures 102 x 41 x 47cm. Seat height adjusts from 28 to 46cm. In the box, it weighs approx 4.6kg and measures 65 x 32 x 15cm.

Wishbone Bike RE2 3in1 is for 1 to 6 years. It weighs approx 5.7kg and measures 110 x 50 x 47cm.  Seat height adjusts 23 to 51cm.In the box, it weighs approx 7.1kg and measures 79 x 50 x 13cm.

Wishbone Bike RE2 2in1 is for 18 mths to 6 years. It weighs approx 4.2kg and measures 110 x 48 x 47cm.  Seat height adjusts 23 to 51cm.In the box, it weighs approx 5.7kg and measures 60 x 50 x 13cm.

Wishbone Cruise two-wheeler is for 2 to 4 years. It weighs approx 4.8kg and measures 105 x 48 x 54cm.  Seat height adjusts 31 to 40cm.In the box, it weighs approx 5.5kg and measures 70 x 50 x 12cm.

Wishbone Flip is for 1 to 5 years. It weighs 2.6kg and measures 64 x 35 x 40cm. Seat height adjusts from 22 to 27.5cm.In the box, it weighs 4.1kg and measures 65 x 25 x 29cm.

Wishbone Mini-Flip is for 9 mths to 3 years. It weighs 2.1kg and measures54 x 23.5 x 39cm. Seat height adjusts from 21 to 23cm. In the box, it weighs 3.2kg and measures 55.5 x 25 x 23cm.

Wishbone Wagon is for 1 to 10 years.  It weighs approx 10 kg and measures 82 x 63 x 38cm.  In the box, it weighs approx 12.3kg and measures 82 x 47 x 23cm.

Your four Mini-Flip wheels are packed in a cardboard tube called Box 3, which in turn is packed neatly inside Box 1 with your Mini-Flip Top.

Wishbone Bike is recommended for use by children aged 1 to 5 years. The seatpost is adjustable from 28 to 46cm (11 to 18 inches), the greatest range of any balance bike on the market! You can measure the length of your child’s inner pants’ seam to figure out if they will be able to straddle the bike seat yet or not. Both your child’s feet should be able to rest flat on the ground when they’re using the bike.

You can remove the inner tube from the tyre and repair it with a simple bike tube repair kit available at any bike store. You can pump the tube up again using a bike pump or at a gas station. Wishbone Bike tyres have a “schraeder” valve – the same as your motor car. But be careful not to overpump the tyre – 25psi is enough.

We've made a helpful video to walk you through it here.

Your RE bike frame’s batch code can be found on your bike frame, molded inside the circular area near where the rotafix bolt is inserted. The manufacturing year is the number in the centre of the code. For example, 13 means 2013.

Simply rub a dot of liquid soap inside the handgrips, then they slide on easily.The easiest way to remove the grips is to peel them back and roll them off.

Yes. Wishbone Bike complies with current US, European, Australian, New Zealand and international toy safety standards.

You can buy any replacement parts, including inner tubes, for Wishbone Bike from Wishbone Design Studio on

It's easy, see here.

Flip and Mini-Flip can grow a little with your child. There is a second set of holes in the lower section of the shell for you to raise the seat height. Just undo the nuts and bolts that hold the two halves of the shell together using two hex keys, and replace them in the higher holes.

So glad you asked. As soon as your little one is walking confidently, you can transform your Mini-Flip Walker into a Mini-Flip Racer by simply swapping out the base section.  Your little one will love to spin, drift and race on Mini-Flip Race Base!  Another ideal option for your little one is a Wishbone Bike 3in1. It's lightweight, stable and perfect for babies and toddlers from 12 months to 5 years. Teach your child to ride and balance with our convertible trike-to-bike learn to ride system.

You can buy a replacement base for your Flip or Mini-Flip in our spare parts shop here. Or you can buy just the replacement caster wheel here, plus you'll need the pintel tool in our flip wheel parts bag here to fit your new caster wheel to your toy.

To remove a broken wheel, use a flat headed screwdriver to lever the wheel off. Watch Richard, the Flip’s designer, demonstrate how to do this here. It requires a fair bit of grunt. Make sure you protect the wooden rail with a piece of wood or a thin book or a coaster or something – otherwise you’ll dent your poor little Flippy.

The new caster simply pushes on. Keep pushing until you hear a dull click – then it’s properly installed.

You’ll need to remove the handlebar. Still not fitting in the box? Make sure the caster wheels are lying flat at the bottom of the box. Should fit now.


Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition and Wishbone Cruise each have a five year limited warranty*. All other Wishbone products have a one year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Our products are designed so that 100% of the components are repairable and replaceable. Whatever the problem, we have replacement parts to solve it. For eco reasons, we send out just the parts that are required. It is highly unlikely that an entire bike, flip or wagon will ever need to be replaced.

To make a warranty claim just follow these steps:

1. Email us at with your name and contact details (email, phone, delivery address).

2. Tell her which product you have, its batch number and briefly describe the problem.

3. Attach nice and sharp, close-up photos of the issue. Including a quick video earns you extra brownie points.

4. Include your dated proof of purchase (purchase receipt, credit card, or bank statement) if you can.

* 5 year limited warranty: Wishbone’s limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper assembly or maintenance, damage due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect, cosmetic deterioration of wooden components or rust.

We have warranted our products against manufacturing defects and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, we will be pleased to repair or replace free of charge any product or component that has a manufacturing defect. (In some countries you may have more rights too.) Your first contact point for any warranty query is the store where you bought your Wishbone product.

Our warranty extends to an original purchaser who bought new product from an authorized dealer of our products. Please have your proof of purchase ready. Any freight charge to deliver the product back to us or our representative is all you may need to pay. Please don’t ask for a full replacement – Wishbone products are carefully designed to be 100% repairable.

If you bought your Wishbone product second hand (well done!) or have modified it somehow, if you have not used or maintained it properly or if the problem is really just normal wear and tear, then you don’t qualify for our free-of-charge repair-or-replace warranty. But you are welcome to contact us anyway. We’ll do our best to help you.

Be ready in all cases to email us at with:

Your batch number
Proof of purchase
Photos (good quality photos mean we probably won’t need anything returned)

This warranty and any other provided with the product is made in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and there are no other warranties that extend beyond this warranty.

safety & recalls

Please read our July 2015 safety message below for more information about a pinch hazard in certain Recycled Edition Wishbone Bikes.

This update is to inform owners of affected bikes that we are completing production of our Wishbone Headset Cover now. If you have registered for a cover, we will be sending yours to you in October 2015, as soon as we are able.

Wishbone Design Studio is committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for all our riders.

Wishbone has recently received three reports globally of young riders who injured their finger by catching it between the frame and headset of a Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition (RE Bike).

Two RE bike batches made in December 2013 and May 2014 are affected by this pinch point hazard. Your bike’s batch number can be found on the front frame component, as shown in the picture at the bottom of this letter.

We are saddened that any young rider has been hurt using our RE Bike. Our response is to proactively supply free of charge a simple neoprene headset cover to any owner of an affected RE Bike.

If you own an affected RE bike, please stop riding and collect your free headset cover either from the store where you purchased your bike or by registering anytime directly with us.

Note: This message only relates to Recycled Edition Wishbone Bikes made in December 2013 or May 2014. No other batches of RE Bikes and no wooden Wishbone Bikes or other Wishbone products are affected.

Any questions or comments can be sent to or call USA 1 888 748 7453 or other countries call New Zealand +64 4 3891959.

Thank you for reading our safety message. Happy Riding from Wishbone!


Definitely. Wishbone Design Studio products are meant to be used and repaired, if necessary, for years to come. Buy spare parts here.

1 Commit to the big day when you will convert from three to two wheels.

2 Tell your child they have graduated to riding a big kids’ bike and the world is their oyster from this day forward .
3 Plan to take your kid riding on their big-kid two-wheeler Wishbone Bike every day or so for the next couple of weeks. Its okay if they ride only for just 1 minute the first time. Each day should be a wee bit longer
4 Make it fun – play shadow-chasing, tag or run races with your child on their big-kid bike.
5 If your child is not loving it, give it a rest for a day.
6 Go on family trips to the park with everyone riding a two-wheeler.
7 And remember, every kid is different. Some find it easy, some take longer. With Wishbone Bike, you can always go back to three wheels and wait for more auspicious timing. Good luck!

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