Wishbone Bike is the original award-winning learn-to-ride system created by Wishbone Design Studio in 2005. Children learn to walk and ride easily with Wishbone Bike. Its innovative 3in1 design is lightweight, stable and highly adjustable. Fits just right for all children from age 1 to 6. Babies love three wheels to help them walk then coast on the pedal-less tricycle. Convert to two wheels, and with no pedals toddlers master the skill of balance quickly. Available in birch wood or recycled plastic.

Customize Your Wishbone Bike
Wishbone Bike Original 3in1 Natural
Wishbone Bike RE2 3in1
Wishbone Cruise Trike 3in1
Wishbone Cruise Deluxe Bundle
Wishbone Bike Pangolin 3in1
Wishbone Bike RE2 2in1
Wishbone Cruise 2in1
Wishbone Bike Original 2in1 Natural